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About us 

We are a team of wellness providers who aim at addressing the body and mind. We believe that the real balance is in this integrality and there is no health in one lacking the other. We practice integration – between mind and body, between our team, between our clients and professionals.


We stimulate an integrated and healthy life style, with appropriate time and energy dedicated to each day-by-day aspect (nutrition, fitness, work, mind development, rest, fun), as we know this is the base for a consistent growth. We offer solutions to facilitate this integration. We aim to care for each part as a treasure and use our hands to support, inspire and optimize your wellness and wealth.

Greg, Helena & Róisín

Emerald Team 




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A therapy concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health. 

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The best way of living your life fully, making the best decisions and being able to process the various experiences you live is being aware of who you are, which are your skills and challenges, and what is the direction or purpose that guide you. 

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The therapeutic manipulation of body tissues by a trained practitioner, as by systematic stroking, kneading or application of pressure, to effect a beneficial physiological response such as pain reduction or improved circulation. 



The Emerald Membership is the gemstone of Emerald Wellness, where we put together all the benefits our team can offer to you and your family.

Through weekly meetings and discounted access to our products and services, we help you to remain current with all of the important aspects of your life - from nutrition and fitness to mental health.

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Clients Testimonials 

Dr. Greg's clients 

 "Dr. Greg Tollefson was very helpful in the time leading up to the 2012 London Olympics.  His treatments were excellent and he always went the extra mile to ensure I was fine tuned and ready to go."

Josh Binstock (Canadian Olympic Beach Volleyball)

 "I have had the privilege of knowing Greg my entire life. He has always demonstrated a strong work ethic and tremendous leadership skills.  Having played NCAA, ECHL, AHL and pro hockey in Europe, I know the importance of proper training and rehabilitation.  He has helped treat many injuries I have experienced over the years, put together numerous rehab programs for me and is always available when I've needed him. Greg will help you with your goals and get you to the NEXT level."

 Andrew Sarauer 

Good posture advice for kids ( video made by a 10 years old patient of Greg) 

Helena's clients 

 "Helena provides attendance by using kinesiology techniques, Jungian therapy, Reiki and music therapy. In her hands, incredible tools are found to lead to knowledge in a true and conscious way. A new challenge at each session, a new look at one's own self and the responsibility in building and transforming your life path."

Thais Asquini  (client for 4 years) 

"I had never experienced a therapy like Helena's. It was very powerful and spot on. I am so curious to know more about it if I am honest! Helena is an enigma of beautiful energy and depth. She does Kinesiology, Reiki and Jungian Psychotherapy... but in my eyes, what she does is just pure magic! Really great experience, I would highly recommend Helena and her holistic therapy!"

Giada Labrecque (author of "Self-Care Solutions @ Work" & Director of Office Kneads)



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