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Blinding Diamonds

Emerald Membership

The Emerald Membership is the gemstone of Emerald Wellness, where we put together all the benefits our team can offer to you and your family.


Through weekly meetings, and discounted access to our products and services, we help you to remain current with all of the important aspects of your life - from nutrition and fitness to mental health.



Our purpose with the Emerald Membership is to create a family, an intimate group with who we can share our knowledge, experiences, thoughts and life-style.  



The member perks are:

  • 20% discount on therapy sessions (in clinic and virtual)

  • 20% discount on any product in our E-Store 

  • Informative and interactive weekly Zoom meetings 

The weekly meetings are led by our therapists Dr. Greg Tollefson and Helena Angelini.  In these meetings, our chiropractor and coach Dr. Greg Tollefson gives precious information about the body, nutrition, fitness, supplements and much more. These sessions vary from theoretical to practical sessions and are continually evolving in theme.  



The meetings led by Helena Angelini explore the psychological realm. Helena brings some relevant and current topics to be discussed in group, promoting a safe and respectful environment for people to share their experiences and develop their consciousness. Sound Healing is also used to bring balance and wellness to these meetings. 


Each meeting is created around the necessity we see in our clients. The subjects are always changing, in a lively and creative way. 


Our members have an exclusive page, where they can have access to informations and buy our services and products already with discount. The access to the page is given as soon as you subscribe as a member.


We look forward to having you in our Membership and sharing with you all the treasures we have!!


  • Emerald Membership

    Every month
    • Access to weekly Zoom Meetings
    • Discount E-Store Prices
    • Discount Therapy Sessions
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