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Dr. Greg Tollefson

Dr. Greg Tollefson 

Dr. Greg Tollefson grew up in western Canada. The pursuit of optimized wellness and performance were always an integral part of his life as an avid athlete. He has been blessed professionally with the opportunities of sharing this passion with his community through treatment, education and advocacy.
Greg obtained his Bachelor of Science degree with Honours from the University of Saskatchewan in Human Physiology. He attended graduate school at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto where he attained his Doctor of Chiropractic. While studying Chiropractic, Greg further specialized receiving a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist designation. .
While practicing in Toronto, Greg developed a strong reputation within the athletic community.
While practicing in Toronto Greg had the honour of working with Olympians, professional hockey players, collegiate athletes, high power business executives and was the in-house manual therapist at an exclusive Toronto tennis club.

Since moving to Ireland, Greg has continued to work within the athletic communities having the privilege of experiencing Intercounty GAA athletes, the NUIG athletics club, power lifters, rugby players, swimmers, rowers, golfers and mixed martial artists.  Greg currently serves as the President of Sports Chiropractic Ireland which is a member of International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS).
Although Greg has a special interest in the world of athletics, his passion for helping his clientele functioning optimally in whatever realm they are performing within.  

Move well, feel well.

Greg takes pride in assisting every patient who walks through the door to progress their quality of life based on their own specific life demands and personal goals. Greg is an avid educator of patients. He believes the importance of what he teaches patients and what they can take forward in their everyday life is by far more important than any of the hands on therapies provides.

Knowledge. Team work. Accountability. Consistency. 

Services provided: Chiropractic, Personal Strength & Conditioning Coaching, Personal Health & Nutrition Coaching. 

Helena Angelini

Helena Angelini 


Helena Angelini is a therapist with more than 20 years of professional experience. She is a psychologist who graduated at Universidade Fumec in Minas Gerais/Brazil, specializing in the Jungian Psychological approach. She has keenly continued education with various courses in Complementary Therapies, Mythology and has travelled all over the world looking to obtain broader and vaster perspective of human behaviour. As a psychologist, Helena has always strived to understand in depth the particular universe of each culture and each human being.


This passion granted her the ability to treat people of different ages, cultures and interests. She has clinical experience in Brasil, Ireland and with clients all over the world treated on online sessions.


She has a wealth of experience dealing with depression and panic disorders, although she has worked with all varieties of psychological sceneries. She also has a special interest in athletes and wellness minded individuals, as she firmly believes in integration between mind and body. The work with blocked expressions and repressed emotions takes a big part in treatment as well, since there is no wellness, wealth and integrality without the freedom to express the various parts of us.


Helena is also a singer and composer, and she has recorded 2 albums, one with Celtic and Sacred music (Celtic Seeds), and other with Tribal Electronic Music (Hayeya! All Tribes). She uses her voice and instruments to heal, carrying the ancestral wisdom of Celtic and Indigenous people. She has a long path as a shamanic practitioner, with experience in Ireland and Brazil.  


Helena realizes the importance of an integrated and balanced consciousness, especially in this challenging modern life, not only for psychologically disturbed people, but for anyone searching for a healthy life style. She takes pride in putting all of her knowledge, gifts and strength towards helping people and society achieve this goal.

Services provided: Jungian Psychotherapy, Kinesiology, Reiki, Living Singing - medicine music.


 More information on her website:

Chris Myles
PHOTO-2022-06-08-23-58-46 (1).jpg

Chris Myles 

Chris Myles is from the hometown of Crossmolina, Co. Mayo. Chris has been a highly active sports person all his life, living on a philosophy of well-being, health, and performance through active day life and within a sports environment from both playing and coaching with his local GAA Club Crossmolina.   

Chris is a qualified and registered Neuromuscular Physical Therapist along with holding qualifications in Orthopaedic Sports Massage. He is currently studying an Honours Degree in Physical Education with the John Moore’s University in Liverpool.

Since qualifying, Chris has worked with numerous sporting bodies within men’s GAA both in mayo and Sligo along with the Mayo ladies Senior Football Team. He has worked with numerous clients outside of the sports genre also.

Chris’s ethos within our Emerald Wellness therapy clinic is integral. Chris takes great pride and passion in providing that client’s get the required health through Manual Therapy so that their body can reach and maintain a healthy state by allowing them and helping them to be pain free. 


Services provided: Sports Massage, Orthopaedic Massage,  Relaxation Massage, Soft Tissue or Deep Tissue release Massage, Back Massage.

Renata Santos

Renata Santos

Renata Santos is a Technician in Natural Body Therapies trained at Faculdade Ibrate in Curitiba -PR/ Brazil with a focus on relaxation of muscle tension and massage for pain relief through Ayurvedic techniques. With more than eight years of experience, she has worked in small tennis championships as a sports masseuse and private appointments for athletes.  


In the same period, she also became interested in the universe of pregnant women, she trained to be a Doula, in which she also has more than 8 years of experience supporting pregnant women to prepare for childbirth through a lot of information, knowledge of possible events during the period gestational process in order to clarify and provide more confidence for the pregnant woman.  Another service provided for pregnant women is to relieve pain and muscle discomfort, relaxation massage and swelling through massage techniques appropriate for the gestational period. 


 Services provided: Ayurvedic Massage, Sports Massage, Relaxing Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage for pregnant women.

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