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A therapy concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health.


In a session with the chiropractor you will be assessed through means of history and physical examination. A diagnosis will then be reached and a plan of management will be implemented.  


Therapy utilizes various modalities such as: manual treatment, postural advice, ergonomic advice, corrective exercise, stretches as well as advice for general health.

Initial assessment: 40 min..............80 euros

Follow up sessions: 20 min........... 50 euros

In clinic 

THERAPIST: Dr. Greg Tollefson

Jungian Psychotherapy 


The best way of living your life fully, making the best decisions and being able to process the various experiences you live is being aware of who you are, which are your skills and challenges, and what is the direction or purpose that guide you.


This self-knowledge is achieved

not only looking for what is already in your consciousness, but also for what is unconscious for you, your blind spots. That's when you need a professional with an outside view, to show you what you can't see alone. 

The Jungian Psychotherapy goes deeply in these unconscious spots, and show you through Dream Analysis and other tools how these deep and unresolved patterns, emotions and beliefs reflect in your day by day life.

Looking to these patterns frees you to make blind decisions, and gives you the opportunity of having a truly authentic and creative life. 

60 min...........................70 euros 

In clinic / online   

THERAPIST: Helena Angelini 

Massage Therapy 

The therapeutic manipulation of body tissues by a trained practitioner, as by systematic stroking, kneading or application of pressure, to effect a beneficial physiological response such as pain reduction or improved circulation. 

60 min...........................60 euros


In clinic


THERAPIST: Róisín O'Rourke


Personal Strength & Conditioning Coaching





An exercise program tailored to the individuals goals.  From weight loss, to strength gains, toning and tightening to athletic performance.  Whatever the goal is, we will put together an individualized plan to help you reach the goals.


You will have access to 24 hour support, and will receive a personalized training program and supplement recommendations. 

60 Min.................................80 euros 


In clinic/Virtual


THERAPIST: Dr. Greg Tollefson 

Personal Health & Nutrition Coaching 



A holistic approach to health and nutrition.  After a comprehensive assessment, a plan of management will be discussed and implemented.  You will be given strategies to address exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mood/mindset.    


You will have access to 24 hour support, and will receive a personalized diet and supplement recommendations. Essential Oils (Aromatherapy) will also be personally recommended for beauty, health and mood.

60 min................................ 80 euros

In clinic/Virtual 

THERAPISTS: Dr. Greg Tollefson & Helena Angelini 

Musli Mix


Applied kinesiology is a therapeutic technique capable of detecting, by changing muscle tone, the priority stress to be addressed. Through light touches on the forearm region, the therapist is able to "read" the client's body, bringing out what needs to be seen at the moment. 


The body can bring a denied emotion, awareness about some poorly elaborated issue, or it can ask for energetic alignment in the chakras and glands. 


Complementary therapeutic techniques, such as Aromatherapy, Reiki, Florals, are used to correct and treat the issues raised, as indicated by the body itself.  It is an assertive tool, which goes directly to the point needed, and therefore is useful in dealing with specific issues.

60 min...............................70 euros 

In clinic

THERAPIST: Helena Angelini 



Reiki Treatment

Reiki is an ancient, non-intrusive complementary therapy. A hands-on healing technique, Reiki enhances the body’s own innate ability to heal itself on all levels. It helps restore balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

These are some of the reported benefits of Reiki:

  •  Boosted the immune system

  •  Reduced stress

  •  Increased energy

  •  Promoted relaxation

  •  Improved focus and clarity of mind

  •  Enhanced self-confidence

  •  Helped with the grieving process

  •  Accelerated the healing process after injuries and surgery

  •  Benefited chronic and acute medical conditions

  •  Helped to maintain health and well-being

60 min..................................60 euros 

In clinic/at distance 

THERAPIST: Helena Angelini 

Living Singing - medicine music 

Living Singing - medicine music is a sound therapy that can be done individually or for small groups. The therapist opens herself to channel the sound that people need to receive in the moment, in a lively, creative, spontaneous way.  


This work is done with all chakras, so that all energy centers can receive music as medicine.  There may be healing and shamanic chants, or totally improvised sounds, created at that moment. 


Sounds heal, align, energize.  Voice and instruments are used for that, and Reiki, Kinesiology and Aromatherapy add to the process in a unique way.  

It's an authorial work, fruit of years of effort from Helena to put together her therapeutic and artistic gifts.   

120 min............................... 200 euros 

In clinic / online

THERAPIST: Helena Angelini