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The Emerald Wellness Retreats take place in very special sites on the Emerald Island. Our retreat centres have been carefully chosen in locations surrounded by natural beauty in secluded relaxing locations.


 We want to bring people closer to nature, removing them from the rushiness and agitation of day to day life, and replacing it with a calm, peaceful silent place which enables a dive into ourself.  It's the space and place for reflection and review. A chance to look to our strengths and weaknesses, meditate, strategize, have insights, find your purpose, find the meaning and start the process of healing.

Our retreats are full board weekends, with all accommodation and meals thoughtfully planned and provided.  The retreat centre has private/shared rooms, with comfortable accommodation conducive to rest and relaxation.   

The retreat centre has a large wooded area with many paths, a lake and meadows to explore while contemplating and reconnecting.


The retreats will consist of a main theme, which will change throughout the year. We will be hosting different facilitators with varied backgrounds to share their expertise with the group in form of workshops. We love to continually bring new and exciting opportunities and adventures with our vision of integrating the human via body, mind, spirit and soul.


A common trait found in each retreat will be the presence of happiness, pleasure and fun. 

There will be moments within these retreats where you may go through some cleansing and emotional release but our guide is always pleasure. Many simple pleasures have been removed from our lives. The joys of running barefoot in the grass, feeling the sun on our face, sharing a laugh has been replaced with a stressed out digital world. The Emerald Wellness Retreats will give you the environment to reconnect with these simple pleasures.  We learned from our ancestors how to suffer, how to resist, how to be strong and survive in a life. But where was the emphasis of joy and happiness? 


The Emerald Wellness Retreats aim at reconnecting you all with the happiness and joys that you can find within yourself.  Shift from this feeling of guilt and shame and embrace the joy and pleasant sides of life. 

Our retreats invite this – connect with nature, listen to your thoughts, find internal and external happiness and pleasure, open yourself to healing. Surrender to the flow.

For this reason, among all the variety of therapies and activities that we bring, we have in all retreats the presence of good music, openness to movements, dance and expression. Music has the power of elevating our spirit, and a body in movement is a body with life.

The majority of us live a far elevated percentage of our lives in a sedentary way: commuting, wedged behind a desk, trapped on computers and buried in the smart phones. A sedentary body is not happy nor healthy. An unhealthy body and an unhealthy mind go hand in hand. Thus we must encourage movement, mobility, circulation, flow and expression.


Our journeys will be composed by workshops, rest breaks to relax, journal or explore the place and we will also offer individual sessions of Chiropractic, Reiki, Kinesiology and other services to those who want it. In our last day we will always have a Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic dance to shake our bodies, warm our hearts and uplift our spirits.

We invite you to join us in one of our upcoming Emerald Wellness retreats! It will be a true pleasure having you there! 


Ancestral healing

Ancestral healing

Yoga in Nature

Bio Energy Reset 

Bio Energy Reset

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