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Actimove® EpiSport

Actimove® EpiSport

Actimove® EpiSport is a specially designed Elbow Brace made from elastic, flexible, durable and latex free material. Actimove® EpiSport reduces discomfort and pain caused by any kind of acute and chronic Epicondylitis. It features systematically combined benefits for improved compliance and mobility.

  • Details


    • Acute and chronic Epicondylitis radialis humeri (Tennis elbow) • Acute and chronic Epicondylitis ulnaris (Golfer elbow)
    • Problems caused by repetitive use of the wrist and forearm

    Enhanced comfort

    • Provides targeted dual compression for quick pain relief
    • Anatomically correct design aligns to the natural shape of the elbow
    • Ensures an optimal fit and relieves pressure of affected muscles
    • Elastic strap prevents blood constriction
    • Reduces discomfort and pain

    Easy handling

    • Non-slip and soft cushioning inner liner ensures optimal fit
    • Thin pellots with buckle closure and elastic Velcro straps allow individual therapeutic compression levels and easy handling
    • Can be cleaned easily by hand in lukewarm water

    Good compliance

    • Sleek anatomic design, comfort and ease of use
    • Can be worn under all sorts of shirts without piling up
    • Enables your patients to quickly rejoin in their favorite sports
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